CRYLIGHT Photonics, Inc.


CRYLIGHT Photonics, Inc. is located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. Our company specializes in crystals and optical products for the commercial and research marketplace including laser, semiconductor and telecommunication applications. Our goal is to provide you the best possible support for those companies developing applications in these areas. With our experience and knowledge we are able to provide you the most cost-effective optical solutions. We are very happy to discuss with you about your specific needs and to provide technical advices. Over the years, we have supplied customers worldwide with quality optics that have resulted in drastic savings for them. Let us do the same for you.

The Experience:Our executives and technical staff have more than 10 years experience in distributing high quality optics for industrial applications and research laboratories around the world . We provide the highest quality products as well as in-depth technical support.

The Knowledge:Our senior scientist and engineer have 20 years R&D experience in crystal and laser optics. All products are processed with strict quality control guidelines and All products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

The Service:We have always put the customer first in our business and strive to help our customers develop successful applications . We are focused on increasing the level of quality, capabilities and service, in order to keep and promote ourselves in the repeatability of our processes and our reputation for on-time delivery.

The Capabilities
Crystals Products Examples:
NLO Crystals(BBO, LBO, KTP, LiNbO3, KDP and KD*P, LiIO3, etc.)
Laser Crystals(Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Ti:Sapphire,etc.)
Passive Crystlas(Cr4+:YAG)
Birefringent Crystals(a-BBO,YVO4,Calcite,etc.)
Optical Crystals(YAG, Sapphire, etc.)

Optics Components Examples:
Simple Lenses(Plano Convex, Plano Concave, Double Convex, Double Concave, Meniscus Lens, Axicon Lens) Doublets Lenses(Possitive Achromatic Lenses, Negative Achromatic Lenses)
Cylindrical Lenses(Plano Convex, Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses)
Waveplates(Multi-Order Wavepate, Zero Order Waveplate, Achromatic Waveplate, etc.)
Polarizers(Glan Taylor, Glan Laser, Glan Thompson Polarizer, Wollaston, Rochon Polarizer)
Prisms(Right Angle Prism, Penta Prism, Dove Prism, Dispersive Prism, Corner Cube, etc.)
Polarization BeamSplitter Cube
Color Glass Plate
Light Pipes / IPL Filters

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