We believe that our name ALQUZE may sound unfamiliar to you

ALQUZE is made up of three Japanese words that are AL + QU + ZE.

  • In Japanese, AL has the meaning of to be, to have and to exist; it represents a world of having form and existing. It means real world.
  • In Japanese, QU has the meaning of Zero, Nothing, space and vacuum It represents word of notion, unformed idea, but having unlimited possibilities.
  • In Japanese, ZE has the meaning of to draw, characterize, or describe.

We define that not only Imagination = QU, but QU also equals a very small world like an elemental particle and Quantum world.
We human-beings are progressing in our civilized society by making many forms from our imagination. And our life and present status is made by our desire and decisions of the past. Everything has been started from zero. There is parent in everything, and Imagination becomes form.

We want to imagine brightness and happiness for the future and do our best to be truthful, so we named our company ALQUZE
In addition, we have the good traditional culture of the Japanese, in that we are meeting each other day-to-day and every day for work by fate and mechanism of the invisible world like god, ancestors and the past life. So we say “OKAGESAMA” when we have a good thing that means thanks to the unseen world.

We think of this culture also as QU. Having gratitude to the QU and the expression of gratitude for our life is our wish, so we use the name of the ALQUZE also.

We want to be a light that makes the world bright.

ALSO ALQUZE has the following meanings.

  2).Allowing Quattro ZE.
  We are allowing four ZE. A ZE means we are going to progress to the ZENITH with ZERO (Unlimited possibilities), ZEST and ZEPHYR.
  3). From A to Z.
  4). Advanced Lasers for Quantum Zone
  5). ALQU this pronunciation has same meaning of to keep going in Japanese.  So we will be a group of people that keep going even if there is obstacle in our path.