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Direct Diode Laser Syetem

DDLM-100W Direct Diode Laser System

DDLM series of 100W products include 915/976nm wavelength, Power is available from 20W-160W.With High efficiency, Stable performance,Compact structure,widely used in laser soldering, plastic welding and heat curing.




XT01-EB-DDLM 100A1544174502981

DDL Serial DDLM Item Number1 EB-DDLM 100A
Parameter Unit Min Type Max
Center Wavelength nm   9XX  
Wavelength Tolerance nm   ±10  
Output Power4 W 100 
Output Power Unstability %
Power Adjusting Range % 10   100
Fiber Core μm   200  
Numerical Aperture NA   0.18  
Fiber Connector   SMA905  
Fiber Length m   5  
Aming Beam
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient nm   650  
Output Power mW   10  
Operation Mode   CW/Modulate  
Modulate Frequency KHZ 10   50
Input Voltage   220VAC±10%,50/60HZ  
Input Power W   400  
Operation Temperature3 5   40
Storage Temperature3 -25   55
Environmental Humidity   Max70%@25℃  
Cooling System   Air Cooling(TEC)  
Dimension mm   484 X 133 X 430  
1. Expla nation of Item Number: EB (Everbright In Short)- DDLM (Direct diode laser system Hundred watt level platform)–100A(Output Power is 100W,product version is A
2. Above Data Test at 25℃, Unless otherwise stated.
3. Please avoid operation and storage in the condensation enviroment. If exceed operating temperature, the device lifetime will be inpacted.
4. Lifetime reduced if exceed nominal output power.