Ever Bright

Fiber Coupled Module

F02-500W Fiber Coupled Module

Fiber coupled module with VBG,output power range from 500W to 700W,high brightness, high efficiency,long lifetime, widely used in Industrial pump, Laser equipment and other fields.



MK11-EB-FCP-F02-500-200-0976-03 1542246058237

F Serial F02 Item Number1 EB-FCP-F02-500-200-0976-03
Parameter Unit Min Typ Max
Center Wavelength nm 973 976 979
Wavelength Tolerance nm   ±3  
Output Power4 W   500  
Spectral Width(FWHM) nm   4.5 5
Numerical Aperture NA   0.17 0.18
Fiber Core μm   200  
Fiber Connector Pigtail/SMA905/SMAQ/QBH(Optional)
Fiber Length m 3m/5m/10m(Optional)
Power Conversion Efficiency % 42 45  
Slope Efficiency W/A 48 53  
Thershold Current A   0.6  
Operating Current A   10 11
Operating Voltage  V   110 115
Operating Temperature3 15 21 35
Storage Temperature3 -40   80
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient nm/℃   0.35  
Anti Reflection Wavelength Range nm   1030~1200  
Reflection Efficiency dB   30  
1. Explanation of Item Number: EB (Everbright In Short)- FCP (Fiber Coupled Module)–F02(Product Serial)- 500 (Output Power is 500W) – 200(Fiber Core is 200μm)- 0976(Center Wavelength is 976nm)- 03(Wavelength Tolerance is ±3nm)
2. Above Data Test at 25℃, Unless otherwise stated.
3. Please avoid operation and storage in the condensation enviroment. If exceed operating temperature, the device lifetime will be inpacted.
4. Lifetime reduced if exceed nominal output power. 
Version: MK11-1807A-R01