Ever Bright


QCP-300Q Stack

High power and high temperature hard solder array,output power range from 40W/bar to 300W/bar,high efficiency,long lifetime,widely used in Industrial pump, R&D, medical and other fields.




ZL04-EB-QCP-V#-300Q-####-0808-03 1542246068483

QCP Serial QCP-V Item Number1 EB-QCP-V#-300Q-####-0808-03
Parameter Unit Min Typ Max
Center Wavelength nm 805 808 811
Wavelength Tolerance nm   ±3  
Output Power/Bar5 W   300  
Number of Bars #   2~24  
Bar-to-Bar Spacing mm   0.4~1.8  
Spectral Width (FWHM) nm   4 6
Pulse Width mesc   50~500  
Repetition Rate Hz   1~200  
Fast-axis Divergence(FWHM)4 Deg 38 40 42
Slow-axis Divergence(FWHM) Deg   8 10
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient nm/℃   0.28  
Power Conversion Efficiency % 48 50  
Slope Efficiency/Bar W/A   1.1 1.2
Threshold Current A   20 25
Operating Current A 290 300  
Operating Voltage/Bar V 1.9 2.0  
Operating Temperature3 15 25  
Storage Temperature3   -40~85  
1. Explanation of Item Number: EB (Everbright In Short)- QCP (Conduction-Cooled Package)–V#(Number of bars per stack) – 300Q (QCW Output Power is 300W/bar) -###Q(Total QCW Output Power)- 0808 (Center Wavelength is 808nm)- 03(Wavelength Tolerance is ±3nm)
2. Above Data Test at 25℃, Unless otherwise stated.
3. Please avoid operation and storage in the condensation enviroment. If exceed operating temperature, the device lifetime will be inpacted.
4. For fast-axis collimation, divergence ≤0.5°
5. Lifetime reduced if exceed nominal output power. 
Version: ZL04-1807B-R01