Ever Bright

VCSEL Lidar Chip


VCSEL uniform array chip,High power, High efficiency, High reliability,customizable. Suitable for time-of-flight (TOF) 3D sensing solutions, widely used in face recognition, driverless, intelligent security, AR / VR and other fields.


XP09-EB-VCSEL-TOF-5-940 1542271629918

TOF Serial Item Number1 EB-VCSEL-TOF-5-0940
Parameter Unit Min Type Max
Center Wavelength@Iop6 nm 930 940 950
Spectral width (half width) nm   1  
Wavelength temperature coefficient nm/℃ 0.07
Light aperture6 μm 9 10 11
Minimum spacing of arrays6 μm   40  
Number of light points   997  
Output Power56 mW   5000  
Operating current mA   6300  
Power consumption mW   12500  
Operating Voltage V   2.0  
Operating efficiency % 35 40  
Threshold current mA   1000  
Divergence angle4 ° 23 25 27
Geometric size
Luminous zone length μm   1227  
Light-emitting area width μm   1170  
Chip length μm   1597  
Chip width μm   1540  
Chip thickness μm 90 100 110
1. Explanation of Item Number: EB (Everbright In Short)-VCSEL(Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser in short)-TOF(Suitable for flight time scenarios)-5(QCW Output Power is 5W)-940(Center Wavelength is 940nm)
2. Above Data Test at 25℃, Unless otherwise stated.
3.Storage Temperature is -40℃-120℃,Operating Temperature is 0℃-70℃
4.Full width@ 1/e2
5. Exceeding the normal power range will shorten the service life
6.Customers can customize wavelength, power, aperture, spacing, etc.