PPLN Chips/Waveguide Chips 


PPLN (ridge) waveguide  


The waveguide can be manufactured on a periodically poled crystal to form a frequency conversion waveguide. HCP provides two types of the waveguide to customers to satisfy the requirement of the different applications.

For the more technical introduction please see here.


Compared to the traditional ion or proton in-diffused waveguide, the ridge waveguide has a high damage threshold and wide-operation wavelength range due to the high refractive index difference of the core (LiNbO3) and the cladding. The good confinement leads to good conversion efficiency and feasibility of extremely low propagation losses.

Most of the waveguides are manufactured upon request, but some of them are available in stock for popular applications. See the typical specification below and just inquiry us with your specific wavelength.


Following table shows the typical specifications of the standard waveguide, for ordering:

  1.  Select the serial # covering your interested wavelength (e.g. 1064 nm SHG corresponding to WG-G)
  2.  Send an inquiry with specified wavelength to us and we will respond you the available waveguide length in stock.
  3.  For the wavelength not listed, please just send us the inquiry for detailed specifications.


The typical specifications of the waveguides
[regular grade (plus grade)]


Serial # pump λ (nm) output λ (nm) MFD(um^2) numerical aperture propagation loss (dB/cm) normalized efficiency (%/W/cm^2) Temperature slope (˘C/nm)
WG-B 900-
450-500 4.90×4.09 0.13×0.15 0.9 (0.7) 160 (250) ~13
WG-G  1000-1200  500-600  4.90×4.09  0.15×0.17  1.0 (0.7) 160 (200)  ~11
WG-R 1200-1400 600-700 5.56×4.30 0.15×0.20 1.0 (0.75) 70 (80) ~10
WG-E 1400-1600 700-800 5.62×4.31 0.18×0.23 1.0 (0.85) 50 (65) ~8
WG-T 1900-2200 950-1100 5.65×4.35 0.23×0.30 1.1 (1.0) 20 (35) 2.5-5.0

*1 MFD (mode field diameter) tolerance +/-10%

*2 Normalized efficiency has a tolerance of +/-20% on the specified value (e.g. WG-G: 160-240%/W/cm^2)