PPLN mixers/Cavity mixers


Cavity mixers


Cavity configuration is an alternative way to enhance nonlinear frequency conversion. For your application convenience, we have developed cavity mixer platform which can be customized to a variety of mixer applications, such as external pump OPO (EP-OPO), Intra-cavity OPO (IC-OPO), intra-cavity SFG (IC-SFG), intra-cavity DFG (IC-DFG) etc. Example applications are for generating NIR signal wavelengths between 1.4-2 um and MIR idler wavelengths between 2.3-4.5 um.

Key features

  • Cavity enhanced & high-efficiency, optimized for your specified input pump or desired output signal/idler
  • Available output wavelength from UV/Visible to NIR/MIR
  • Available mixing configuration from fundamental type to advanced type      (such as IC-OPO, IC-SFG, IC-SHG, IC-DFG, EP-OPO etc.)
  • Available for fiber or free space as input/output coupling interfaces
  • Available with integrated thermistor/TEC for QPM temperature  optimization & optional photodiode (PD) for power monitoring/automatic power control
  • Convenient, compact and robust and available for a variety of application customization
Example: IC-OPO

an ultra-low power consumed optical parametric oscillator (OPO)






The intracavity design of the OPO utilizes the high circulating power in the cavity to achieve extremely low threshold pump power. 4 series with 3 wavelength cover ranges are provided upon request.

OPO-B and OPO-S are the OPO module with fixed wavelength specified by the customer in the range of either α, β or γ. In contrast, OPO-TB and OPO-TS are the wavelength tunable OPO that cover the entire range.

B: broad bandwidth (few nm)
S: single longitudinal mode
T: tunable
e.g. OPO-TS: tunable, single longitudinal mode

Frequency stability of the OPO-S-β


power scaling of OPO-B-α

Example available configurations: