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Pulse mixer


PPLN under pulse operation (ns/ps/fs) can be classified in a special category due to its unique features. Under high peak power operation, conversion efficiency in general could be relatively higher and could even enable OPA/OPG applications. However. crystal damage, pulse spectrum, and temporal walk-off effect in general needs to be taken into special consideration. We have developed several pulse bulk/waveguide mixers with optimization of above special pulse conditions.

Key features

  • Pump by ns-Q switch laser or ps/fs ultrafast laser, with spectrum, temporal walk-of and damage optimization.
  • Available output wavelength from UV/Visible to NIR/MIR
  • Available mixing configuration from fundamental type to advanced type     (such as SHG/SFG/DFG, or OPA/OPG etc.)
  • Available for fiber or free space as input/output coupling interfaces      (such as 1×0, 1×1, 2×0, 2×1, 0x0 , 0=free space, 1=one fiber, 2=dual fibers, with optional alignment beam for free space input)
  • Available with integrated thermistor/TEC for QPM temperature optimization & optional photodiode (PD) for power monitoring/automatic power control
  • Convenient, compact and robust and available for a variety of application customizations

Example available configurations: