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ISOMET AO/音響光学素子 製品アプリケーション

米国ISOMET / アイソメット社の音響光学素子は、波長域が紫外光から遠赤外光、出力が数マイクロWから数kW(ピークパワー)まで数多くのアプリケーションに対応できる製品群を取り揃えております。

Systems incorporating our AO devices span the near UV to the far IR, at optical powers ranging from few uW to several KW (peak).

Application Wavelength Typical device
Plate and roller engraving 10.6um, 1um AOM640, AOM740, M1135
Via-hole drilling 9.4um AOM650, DBM1186
Wafer Inspection NIR 1250C-BS-943
High speed perforation 9.4um LS600
Metrology VIS, NIR 1205-1118, FCM1550
Laser marking / trimming 1um Q1062, Q1133
Stereo lithography 355nm M1134
Pulse compression Mid-IR LS600-1109
Spectroscopy VIS, NIR AOTF1331, AOTF1110
High speed shutter VIS IMAD-P80