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Laser Components 社製 FLEXPOINT®︎ 405nm,450nm and 488nm Blue and purple-blue Laser Module

405nm laser pointer moduleLaser Components社製青色、青紫色のレーザーモジュールは円形ビーム形状、ラインビーム形状もご用意可能で最大出力は各波長毎に150mW@405nm, 70mW@450nm, 40mW@488nmになります。


405nm 445nm 比較

  • Circular or elliptical beam profile, line optics
  • Output power up to 150mW
  • Optional digital modulation
  • Optional power Adjustment via potentiometer or third wire
  • Choice of small or ruggedized housing
Applications :
  • Optical data storage
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical measuring systems
  • Bio-medical application
  • Particle counting

Laser Components 社製FLEXPOINT®︎ Purple/Blue 405/450/488nmレーザーモジュール仕様

Wavelength 405nm / 450nm / 488nm
Output Power

最大150mW@405nm / 最大70mW@450nm / 最大40mW@488nm


Power stability < 5% after 5-10 minutes warm up
Beam profile Circular or elliptical or Line
Beam diameter at exit Circular:4.5mm / Elliptical:3mm x 1.5mm
Fan Angle 5° to 100°(工場出荷時設定)
Beam divergence ~0.6mrad
Housing size

bule laser module size

bule laser module size bule laser module size

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