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Laser Components 社製 LT-PLM Dot laser module 532nm&635nm Series

precision laser moduleLaser Components 社のプレシジョンレーザーモジュールLT-PLMシリーズは光軸が完全にボディの中心に位置するレーザーモジュールです。


  • Axis of laser beam and mechanical axis of housing in the same line
  • Circular beam profile
  • No laser safety eyewear required
  • H6 fit
  • Broad supply voltage range with M12 connector
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for 10 hours independent and cable-free laser power(LT-PLM-IRB-635-01)
Applications :
  • Alignment of mechanics
  • Straightness test of crabs and carriages
  • Concentricity test of rotating parts
  • Aiming or positioning tasks

LT-PLM プレシジョンポイントレーザーシリーズ 仕様

laser module PT-plm635 laser module plm635c1 Laser module plmQ635 laser module irb636
LT-PLM-635-01/LT-PLM-532-01 LT-PLM-635-01-C1 LT-PLM-Q-635-01/LT-PLM-Q-532-01 LT-PLM-IRB-635-01
Wavelength 635nm / 532nm 635nm 635nm / 532nm 635nm
Output power 1mW 1mW 1mW 1mW
Beam profile Circular,Collimated Circular,Collimated Circular,Collimated Circular,Collimated
Beam Diameter at Exit 4.5mm/1.5mm 1mm 4.5mm/1.5mm 4.5mm
Beam Pointing Error 0.05mrad 0.05mrad 0.05mrad 0.05mrad

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