Laser ComponentsThe Compact Wavemeter

The WaveEye is a compact and yet highly precise wavelength measuring device for the spectral range from 450 nm to 950 nm.

The WaveEye is a highly accurate and very compact wavemeter. The
innovative internal design makes it faster, easier to operate and much
smaller than competing products. The input light can be CW and
quasi-CW laserlight or incoherent light with a narrow spectrum.
Wavelength data is available at a 1 kHz data rate, with no warm-up
The WaveEye is operated with a USB cable via the supplied software
interface or via text-based commands. In addition, the wavelength
information is available as a voltage at the analog output.
Due to its extremely small size, the WaveEye is ideally suited as an OEM
component, e.g. in tunable lasers, as part of a larger measurement
device and in a wide range of other applications.

▪ Compact and easy to use
▪ USB powered
▪ PC display and analog output
▪ Logging and data export
▪ Wide input power range

▪ Characterization of diode lasers
▪ Integration into tunable lasers
▪ Spectroscopy
▪ Gas detection
▪ Characterization of detectors and other test equipment


Spectral range 450 to 950 nm
Resolution 2 pm @ 700 nm
Accuracy, factory calibration ± 100 pm
Accuracy, user calibration ± 20 pm
Input power range 0.1 μW to 1 mW
Max. input spectrum 1 nm
Max. data rate 1 kHz
Analog output range 0 to 4.096 V
Analog resolution 16 bits
Temperature range  18 to 32 °C



All dimensions shown in mm.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.