5-20w PM Amplifier Series

Maxphotonics 5W, 20W polarization-maintaining amplifier has the features of high output polarization extinction ratio and strong stability power. The Output polarization extinction ratio is16dB or more, high power stability, its design and configuration to ensure a high reliability, mainly used in coherent synthesis, fiber optic sensing, laser radar and other scientific research.


Product features

■High output polarization extinction ratio

■High power stability

■High quality laser output

■High stability, long lifespan


Product parameters

Unit  Data Data
Operation Mode   CW CW
Central Wavelength nm 1064 1064
Input Fiber   PM 10/125um FC/APC PM 10/125um FC/APC
Min.Input Power mW 6 100
Output Power Tunable % 10-100 1-100
Output Power Stability(t>2h) % ≤3 ≤3
Output Polarization Extinction Ratio dB ≥16 ≥16
Onput Fiber   PM 10/125um PM 10/125um
Fiber Output End Diameter mm 14
Beam Quality M2 ≤1.2, single mode  
Output Beam Diameter(1/e2) mm 4-6  
Operation Voltage(DC) V 220±10%  
Max Power Consumption(at 20℃) W 70 150
Storage Temperature -20-70
Dimension mm 550*430*88