Max Semiconductor Laser Series

HDLS high-power fiber-coupled semiconductor laser systems have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, more compact size and more competitive price than fiber lasers. The laser output through the conductive fiber, suitable for using with the automation equipment, to achieve flexible laser processing. These features make HDLS high-power fiber-coupled semiconductor laser system perfect for metal materials apllications such as cladding, brazing and surface heat treatment.

Product features

■Conductive fiber output

■Perfect safety monitoring system

■Modular design, compact structure

■High electro – optical conversion


Product parameters

HDLS-1500 HDLS-3000 HDLS-4500
Operation Mode  CW/ Modularization
Output Power 120W 1500W 3000W 4500W
Operating Wavelength   915nm/980nm
Power Stability ±3%
Max.Modulation Frequency 50kHZ
Connector Type SMA905 QBH QBH QBH
Output Fiber Diameter 105μm/200μm 600μm 800μm 800μm
Output Fiber Aperture Diameter                     0.22
Indicator Light Wavelength    635±10nm/0.5mV
Operation Temperature                     5-45℃
Power Supply 200-240VAC,50/60 Hz 380VAC,50/60 Hz
Cooling Method Air Cooling Water Cooling
Storage Temperature                     -30-45℃
Fiber Length 5-10 5-20
Outside Control DB25 RS232/0-10VAnalog voltage control