Custom Optical Components

Custom Optical Components FabricationbuttongetaquotegoldAs one of the world’s leading thin film design and production facilities, Reynard Corporation continues its innovative legacy in finding optical solutions for our customers.  Our Account Executives are ready to support your development needs from design in both substrate selection and thin film coating design, through to spectral, environmental, and durability testing.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art design software and custom design tools, we can find a customized solution for your product.  If your design requirements match a design from our extensive database of pre-built designs, development risk and cost is greatly reduced.

For volume needs, a customized solution is not always a more expensive solution over purchasing available catalog items.  In fact, a customized solution can be competitively comparable in price, yet has the added benefit of you getting the exact performance specifications that you require. Pricing for both custom and catalog items is based on processing an optimized material lot.  If your volume needs match up with an optimized processing lot size, your per part price is also optimized.

Custom Optical Components and FiltersIf your product requirements are pushing the limits of optical design, Reynard Corporation offers many different R&D Capabilities to support your development and get you the custom optical component you need. We often work with specialty materials which can simplify design needs by taking advantage of the unique properties of materials.  We can create patterns utilizing photolithography or vary the deposition of materials to create gradient or variable optics.  Whether your need is for anti-reflection, high-performance filters and/or mirrors, beamsplitters, or a combination of requirements, we are interested in your design. 

Due to our longevity as a core optical component manufacturer and coating facility, we have served and understand the unique needs of many different markets. Once optical and environmental performance is met, cost and space are the typical drivers for system development.  With a variety of manufacturing options, including large deposition chambers, or experience in combining optical elements, we can offer ways to reduce per piece costs as you move into production quantities.

Research and Development for Custom Optical ComponentsWe invite you to get to know us a bit better through the products that we offer or by talking to us directly.  We look forward to building a relationship that starts by working together to find solutions for your R&D requirements, and to remains personable and reliable through production. Contact us today or send us a request for quote.