SCI 社製 Custom Wavelength Selector



Custom performance in a cost-effective format that ships in only 72 hours


Based on our patented TwinFilm™ technology, Custom Wavelength Selectors are simple, rugged, optomechanical devices that act as bandpass filters.  CWS products are factory set to your exact specifications without the usual time and cost associated with obtaining custom bandpass filter performance.  You specify the center wavelength and the bandpass (FWHM) and, in most cases, we prepare and ship these units within 72 hours of receiving your specifications – it really is that fast!

We currently offer the CWS in four distinct formats

  • CWS-Basic models support customer specification of both center wavelength and bandwidth.
  • CWS-Centerline models support customer specification of center wavelength with a fixed bandwidth (~20 nm FWHM).