Allwave lasers社Pluggable CWDM Laser Diodes



Product specifications

  • CWDM laser diode module
  • Signal rate up to 10Gb/s
  • High output power(>2mW)
  • LC receptacle TOSA pack

Product use

  • Telecommunication transceivers
  • Datacom transceivers
  • Fiberoptic sensors

Pluggable T056 CWDM Laser Diodes (TOSA) Series

Product Description: TOSA lasers are 1.27 μm~1.6lμm Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) structured distributed-feedback (DFB) laser modules. These laser diodes are built in a pluggable T056 package with monitoring PIN-PD for fiberoptic communication systems. These modules are ideally suitable for 2.5/10Gbps transmission applications. Among products, 4 products of 1.27um, 1.29, 1.31um and 1.33um are suitable for 10Gbps transmission. The products are Telcordia GR-468 qualified, and in compliance with RoHS requirement.


  • Telecommunication transceivers
  • Datacom transceivers
  • Fiberoptic sensors


  • CWDM laser diode module
  • Signal rate up to 10Gb/s 
  • High output power (>2mW)
  • LC receptacle TOSA package


Optical and Electric Specifications

Parameters Symbol Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max Unit
Peak Optical Output Power PP If=Ith+20mA 1.8 2 mW 
Threshold Current Ith TL=25°C 10 15 mA 
Laser Forward Voltage Vlf CW 1.2 2.0
Monitor Reverse Voltage Vrmon 3 5 10
Monitor Current Irmon CW, If=Ith+20mA, VRD=5V 100 800 μA 
Monitor Dark Current ID IF=OmA VRMON=5V 0.01 0.2 μA 
Capacitance (PD) Ct Vrd=5V, f=1MHz 5 15 pF 
Center Wavelength λc CW. If=Ith+20mA, **=n n-3 n n+3  nm 
Side-mode Suppression Ratio SMSR If=Ith+20mA  35  –  dB 
 Optical Isolation –   T=25°C 30  –  –  dB 
 Tracking error TE   Im hold(@Pf=1mW(25°C)) -1  –  dB 
Wavelength/ Temperature Coefficient  dλ/dT  – –  0.09  –  nm/℃ 
Spectral Width(-20dB)  Δλ  Po = 2mW, TC =0 to 70°C –  0.1  nm 


      PIN Definition                   Mecahnical Dimensions     


Pin Assignment:

Pin No. Type A Type B Type C
1 LD Anode(Case) Case LD Anode(Case)
2 LD Cathode LD Cathode PD Anode
3 PD Anode LD Anode/PD Cathode LD Cathode
4 PD Cathode PD Anode PD Cathode

Ordering Information


TOSA- LDType Wavelength Data Package type Pin Out Output Power Pigtail length Connector
F:FP 27:1270 1:2.5Gb/s  1:Receptacle/without Isolator A:Type A 1:1-2mW 0:None 0:None
D:DFB 29:1290 2:10Gb/s  2:Receptacle/with Isolator B:Type B 2:2-3mW 1:50cm 1:FC/UPC
S:SLED   3:Pigtail /without Isolator C:Type C  3:>3mW 2:100cm 2:FC/APC
   61:1610   4:Pigtail/with Isolator     3:150cm 3:SC/UPC
            4:200cm 4:SC/APC
            C:Customize 5:LC/UPC
 Example of Ordering Form: TOSA-D2714B222-01            
 TOSA-    D  27   1  B


 2  2 
 DFB  1270nm  2.5Gb/s  Pigtail/with Isolator  Type B   2~3mW  100cm   FC/APC