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Used for focusing and collimation, e.g. WDM, optical couplers, collimators, optical isolators.

Gradient Index Micro Lens
G-lens is a micro gradient index lens. It is designed for use in demanding telecommunication and date communication applications.



Product parameters

Transmittance 89% minimum (uncoated)
Maximum Pitch 0.5P
Lens Effective Diameter 70% typical
√A @1550nm D=1.8mm 0.322 ± 2.5%
D=1.0mm 0.589 ± 2.5%
Diameter (D) 1.8mm 1.0mm
Pitch 0.23P @ 1550
0.25P @ 1550
Angle (θ) 8°±0.5°
AR Coating Both facets
Insertion Loss (IL) IL≦0.15dB
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.46 typical

Lens Diameter Tolerance +0.005/-0.010mm
Lens Length Tolerance ±2.5% of nominal length
End Facet Perpendicularity 6mrad
Glass Material 3um
Ellipticity Proprietary GRIN optical material
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 10 x 10-6/°C
Operating 200°C x1000 hours
Humidity  (AR Coated) 85°C/85% RH*1000 hours
Humidity  (Non-coated) Store in desiccant to avoid moisture