CRYLIGHT 社製 Beam Displacer











They can split the extraordinary ray and ordinary ray at certain spacing due to its large birefringence when the angle of incidence is 0 degree. It is often used in circulators and interleavers.




Material: YVO4
Typical Dimension: 2x2x7mm, 2.6×2.6x10mm, 3x3x15mm
O.A. Orientation Tolerance: +/0.1deg
Flatness: <λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Wavefront Distortion: <λ/4 @ 632.8nm
Surface Qualtity: better than S/D 10/5
Clear Aperture: >90%
Coating: AR Coating:R<0.2%@1310+/40nm,  or 1550nm+/-40nm
 Parallelism:  Beter than 10 arcsec