Article FOA-EDFA-20-PDA-1


(Pre-Amplifier, In-Line, Booster)

Erbium doped fiber amplifier are designed to restore power of the optical signal in communication lines. The FOA-EDFA-20-PDA series can be operated at automatic control mode of:

  • Gain factor (AGC);
  • Output power (APC);
  • Current control (ACC).

The output power monitoring function allows disconnecting of the amplifier in the case of input signal’s absence.

19″ rack modification available. Monitoring and control of the operating modes can be carried out by the buttons on the front panel or through remote access via RS-232.     






Technical parameters

Parameter / Article


Wavelength range, nm 1535 ÷1565
Input optical power, dBm -10 ÷ 10
Output optical power, dBm 10 ÷ 20
Gain, dB ≤ 28
Noise factor, dB < 5
Return Losses, dB > 40
Working temperature range, °C +10 ÷ +40
Storage temperature, °C 0 ÷ +60
Humidity, % 0 ÷ 95
Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 120 х 100 х 35

The configuration can be changed at the customer’s request. The parameters specified in this specification can be changed in accordance with the terms of reference.

 Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (Article FOA-EDFA-20-PDA-1)