Article FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1


Large mode area double-clad EDFA (1530 ÷ 1600nm)

Fiber amplifier FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1 offers unprecedentedly high level of nonlinearity threshold, which exceeds that of standard single-mode erbium doped fiber amplifiers by two orders of magnitude. Peak power of tens kW and pulse energy of about 1 mJ can be achieved with this amplifier.

Standard version of amplifier deliver 5W of average power even for a very small input signal (gain of more than 30 dB is achievable).


  • high peak power;
  • backward pulses control;
  • stability and compactness;
  • safety for eyes.


  • remote sensing (lidars);
  • three-photon microscopy;
  • scientific instrumentation;
  • pumping of different lasers types.





Central wavelength, nm 1550 1565 1580
Spectral bandwidth, nm > 15 > 15 > 20
Maximum output power, W  > 4 > 6 > 6
Minimum input power, mW  20
Pigtail fiber type SM20/125, SMF28, SM20/125PM
Fiber output end on request
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm 474х300х135 (250×170×40 for OEM)
Weight, kg   < 10 

 Erbium Doped High Power Fiber Amplifiers (Article FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1)