Article FOA-EDFA-HS-40-1-C

(Ultimately small signal power)

Erbium doped fiber pre-amplifier is designed to restore ultimately small signal power. Signal in spectral range of 1535-1565 nm with power level below -50 dBm can be amplified with a gain of more than 40 dB using FOA-EDFA-HS-40-1-C.






Parameter / Article


Wavelength range, nm 1535 ÷1565
Input optical power, dBm -50 ÷ 0
Output optical power, dBm (- 6 dBm input) 15
Gain, dB (-40dBm @ 1530nm) › 40
Operation mode continuous
Polarization random
Input control no
Output control yes
Noise factor, dB (-40dBm @ 1530nm input) ‹ 6
Pigtail fiber type, μm 6/125/250 (SMF-28)
Numerical aperture 0.15
Supply voltage, V/HZ 220/50
Power consumption, W

in operation: 200 

in standby: 20

Operating temperature, °C – 10 ÷ + 50
Humidity,% ‹ 80 (non-condensing)
Availability time, sec ‹ 5
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm 130/80/15
Weight, kg ‹ 0.5

The configuration can be changed at the customer’s request. The parameters specified in this specification can be changed in accordance with the terms of reference.

 Erbium Doped Fiber Pre-Amplifier (Article FOA-EDFA-HS-40-1-C)