Article FOA-EDFA-PM-20-1


(Pre-Amplifier, In-Line, Booster)

Compact erbium fiber amplifiers with polarization maintain (PM) provides amplification in a wide spectral range and serves to solve following tasks:

  • Optical communication;
  • DWDM telecommunication systems;
  • Lidar systems

Digital on / off, emission power control for laser pump diode, as well as output power monitoring via UART protocol allows to integrate the amplifier into the user system.






Technical parameters

Parameter / Article


Wavelength range, nm 1535 ÷1565
Input optical power, dBm -10 ÷ 10
Output optical power, dBm 10 ÷ 20
Gain, dB ≤ 28
Noise factor, dB < 4
The degree of polarization at the output, dB > 20
Return loss, dB > 40
Input voltage, V 5
Power consumption, W < 15
Working temperature range, °C +10 ÷ +40
Storage temperature, °C 0 ÷ +60
Humidity, % 0 ÷ 95
Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 120 х 100 х 35

The configuration can be changed at the customer’s request. The parameters specified in this specification can be changed in accordance with the terms of reference.

 Polarization Maintaining Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (Article FOA-EDFA-PM-20-1)