Specific Application FBG
FBG Raman laser (not removing coating)



Femtosecond FBGs can make into all optical transparent fiber materials with a broad variety of fiber coatings without strip the coating from fiber and without recoated in future. It is possible to write FBGs pair into active fibers (Yb, Er, Tm, Bi, Ho doped fibers). Thus additional splicing losses are minimizing and laser efficiency increase. Highly efficiently multicascaded Raman lasers based on phosphosilicate fibers can be created at different wavelength. Raman shift by 1330 cm-1 in opposite to Ge-doped fibers is approximately three times larger. Output emission spectrum of two-cascade 1.48 µm Raman fiber laser is presented in the graph.





Wavelength range, nm

1000 ÷ 2300

± 0.1 ÷ ± 1 custom request

Types of fiber

Single-Mode, PM, Double clad, LMA

or custom

Reflectivity, %

5 ÷ 99,9

2 ÷ 5 custom request

Bandwidth (WFHM), nm

0.15 ÷ 1,2

custom request


‹ 8 ÷ 25

or custom

FBG Pigtail Length, m

≥ 0.5

or custom

FBG inscription thought the fiber protective coating

Acrylate, Polyimide

or custom

Tensile Strength, kpsi

› 100


Optical Connector

Bare fiber, FC/APC, LC/APC

or custom

 FBG Raman laser (not removing coating, Article GTL-FBG-RL-880)