Specific Application FBG
FBG WDM ITU Filter 100/200GHZ



FBGs with narrow spectral bandwidth are good elements for filtering optical signals. Such FBGs are widely used as optical add/drop multiplexer in WDM systems. High level of SLSR is allowed to avoid adjacent channel crosstalk in systems. A flat – top reflection spectrum and steep spectral roll-down are a feature these FBGs. Athermal packaging FBG with wavelength stability < 0.16 nm for temperature range 0-70 ⁰C is required for stable operation




Wavelength range, nm

1530nm-1565nm (C Bands), or custom 1510nm-1580nm

± 0.1

Types of fiber

Corning SMF-28

or custom

Reflectivity, %

10% to 99%, Flat-top typical > 99.5%

2 ÷ 5

Bandwidth (FWHM), nm

100/200 GHz on ITU. For 100GHz: at level -0.5 dB > 0.3 nm and at -20 dB is 0.65 nm

or custom

Channel Isolation, dB

› 20


Insertion Loss , dB

< 0.15


Cladding Mode Loss, dB

‹ 0.5 (only for cladding mode suppressed fiber)


FBG Pigtail Length, m

≥ 0.5

or custom

FBG Recoating

None, Acrylate, Polyimide

or custom

Thermal Wavelength stability (0 ÷ +70 ֩C), nm

< 0.16


Optical Connector

Bare fiber, FC/APC, LC/APC

or custom

Thermal Package

66mm x 18mm x 12mm


 FBG WDM ITU Filter 100/200GHZ (Article GTL-FBG-WDM-810)