Operating range -70 ÷ +300ºС.
Fiber vibration sensors
OSMA series


Uniaxial fiber-optic accelerometers (vibration sensors) series OSMA designed for continuous measurement of vibration (vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration) of various industrial units and structures from -70 to +300ºС. The signals from the sensors are processed by fiber interrogation monitors.


Principal advantages 

  • electromagnetic immunity;
  • high sensitivity;
  • reliability;
  • reproducibility and wide dynamic range;
  • high corrosion and radiation resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • possibility of spectral and spatial multiplexing of the sensing elements situated in the same or several different fibers;
  • significant distance to the place of measurement, small response time.


Technical parameters

Technical parameters


Resonance wavelength, nm 1510 ÷ 1590
Measuring range, mc-2 1 ÷ 100
Resolution, mc-2 1
Accuracy at 25ºС, Hz ± 0,5
Frequency response, Hz 7 ÷ 2000
Operating temperature range, ºС -70 ÷ +300
Optical fiber protection material PTFE tube
Size, mm 110 x 80 x 23
Method of attachment Screw connection
Connecting size M6

 Fiber-optic accelerometer up to +300ºС.