Operating range -70 ÷ +250ºС.

OSSM(T) series

The fiber strain sensors (OSSM series)makes use of the sensitivity of fiber grating to measure the strain from -70 to +300ºС.

The fiber strain sensors (OSSMT series) makes use of the sensitivity of fiber grating to measure the strain. Simultaneously, as temperature compensation, another FBG is used to monitor the temperature. The double FBGs are fixed inside a robust housing. 

The signals from the sensors are processed by fiber interrogation monitors.

Principal advantages 
  • electromagnetic immunity;
  • high sensitivity;
  • reliability;
  • reproducibility and wide dynamic range;
  • high corrosion and radiation resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • possibility of spectral and spatial multiplexing of the sensing elements situated in the same or several different fibers;
  • significant distance to the place of measurement, small response time.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

OSSM – 531

OSSMT – 531

Sensor material Steel plate AISI 316L
Size, mm 30 х 15 х 1 60 х 15 х 1
Method of attachment Welded joint, glue connection
Optical fiber protection material PTFE tube
Temperature compensation No Yes
Resonance wavelength, nm 1510 ÷ 1590
Type of measured deformation Relative
Strain measuring range, µm ± 100
Accuracy in the entire range, µm ± 0,5
Temperature measuring range, ºС -70 ÷ +250