Large mode area Yb-doped DC PM tapered fiber pump combiner (prototype) YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR-PC


Article YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR-PC

YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR-PC is easy-to-use intergrated unit which consist of YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR tapered fiber and monolithic system for injecting pump in the tapered fiber and couple amplified signal out. This unit allows amplification with a very high gain (in excess of 30 dB) to ultimately high peak power (sub-MW) and high average power (tens of Watts). There are collimated free space output for amplified signal and two fiber ports for splicing pump and signal sources. The unit has low-cost maintenance-free monolithic design. 

NOTE: wavelength stabilized at 976±1 nm pump diode with NA=0.15 and signal at 1064±10 nm must be used to get the best performance (see detailes in [Opt. Express 25, 26958 (2017)]). It is necessary to ensure sufficient heat sink for the Yb-doped tapered fiber.  

Measurement of beam quality factor M2 

Pump-to-signal conversion efficiency



Yb-doped DC PM tapered fiber length,m 1.5 ÷ 3
Signal input port PM 10/125-DCF fiber
Pump input port  MM-105/125-0.22NA fiber
Pump to signal conversion efficiency (slope), %
 > 60
Pump power handling, W  < 20
Input signal, mW  > 10
Polarization extinction ratio, dB  > 10 (14-18 typical)
Output beam quality M2   < 1.2 (1.05-1.1 typical)


Other parameters (i.e. output power in excess of 50 W) are available on the request


blank Taperd fiber pump combiner (prototype) (Article YDF-DC-40/400-PM-TPR-PC)