– 共振周波数は0.1 – 1.9 MHz範囲内
– BBAR LWIR 7.5 – 12 µm、R_avg < 1%(典型)
– 高透過率、T>98%(典型)
– 高効率 / 低RF駆動電力 / 高Q因子
– 高光学出力用のモデル
– 調整が容易な標準的な大口径(3x3mm)
– 減衰された圧電および音響共振
– 低RAMオプション


  • Laser frequency stabilization (PDH, FM / MTS)
  • Laser cooling / Repumper generation
  • Quantum state manipulation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Spectral broadening



Tuning: +T
tunable resonance frequency fo
tuning range: ca. fo +/- 15% (typ.)
for precision frequency adjustment &
frequency drift compensation
extended tuning ranges available
T-control: +TXC
allows T-ctrl. & stabilisation of EOMs
for active cooling of high power models
& active RAM suppression
incl. therm. mounting, T-sensor, TEC
requires separate Temp.-controller
compatible with several housing types
DC port: +DC
Extra DC-port (SMA)
Bandwidth 0-10kHz (typ.)
for birefringence compensation,
active RAM suppression &
work point adjustment (AM)
compatible with several housing types
Custom AR: +AR
custom specific AR coatings
typ. R < 0.1% for single wavelength
multi-wavelength AR available
AR for high power applications
Alignment: +AL5
Compact 5-axis stage
with X, Y, and Z linear translation &
pitch and yaw adjustment
for precision EOM/Laser alignment
compatible with several housing types

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